A Focus on Business and Health

As a journalist, I write about business and health for a range of national and international publications.

As an author, I take a gentle approach to building the physical and emotional resilience we need to survive challenging times.

For my talks, I draw on my personal experience of breast cancer, eating disorders, addiction and the death of a child to help others explore strategies for coping.

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Yet more discouraging gender-based news - this time for women in academic medicine
#WomenInMedicine #womeninleadership

It seems there's no longer a link between lower unemployment and higher inflation. New economic theory anyone?

A quarter of all Australian women have experienced food insecurity in the last year. A quarter! And a few simple government strategies could help. Why isn't this front-page news?
#foodsecurity #SocialJustice

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To screen or not to screen

To screen or not to screen

Breast screening has been in the news again. There is mounting evidence that it doesn't save lives but does result in a lot of unnecessary trauma and treatment. As technology continues to advance it's likely that doctors will be able to screen for more and more...


Talking to Nick Bracks about Domini‚Äôs book All Sides of Suicide at Australian Standfirst’s Skunkworks Infinity Black Digital Studio.

On getting out of bed on the dark days.

Domini Stuart on bulimia, anorexia, dieting and alcohol abuse