Yoga Exercises for Beginners & Beyond

You’ll be amazed to discover what your body can be persuaded to do!

I’ve always hated exercise and used to pride myself on never doing any. Then I started to worry about losing strength and flexibility as I got older and, when treatment for breast cancer gave me a taste of how that might feel, I began doing yoga.

I’m still not a huge fan of exercising but I do love the way it makes me feel. And now that I’m in my 60s, I love the fact that I’m stronger and more flexible than I was in my 30s.

I worked closely with a qualified yoga teacher to create this program. I wanted it to be gentle enough to ease in a complete beginner and to go on providing a satisfying challenge as you improve. So there are easier alternatives to the more strenuous exercises, and you can start by doing many of them sitting down. I also built in time for deep relaxation.

I hope that, like me, you’ll make these exercises part of your life and that you’ll choose to feel calmer, stronger and more flexible rather than older.