Women will never achieve equality until they dress more like men

Women will never achieve equality until they dress more like men

High heels are the modern equivalent of foot binding – painful and disfiguring, they keep women firmly in their place. We claim to be chasing equality while we totter along, doing our best to avoid a twisted ankle as we struggle to keep up.

Some women claim that high heels make them feel more confident, but it’s a lot easier to feel confident when you can stride towards positive experiences, run away from negative ones and stand in comfort for long periods of time.

There’s evidence that heels cause long-term damage ranging from bunions to thickened tendons and changes to the curvature of the spine – all of which cause pain. Women in high heels are also more likely to take lifts rather than stairs and drive rather than walk, even for short distances, so the shoes you choose can have an impact on your overall health.

As for skirts – every woman in a suit skirt sitting on a platform for a serious discussion is conscious of whether her knickers are on show. As is the audience. A couple of years ago, a debate between then UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon attracted headlines such as “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!”

I’m not suggesting women should wear dark suits, ties and brogues – suits can be pink floral with dainty lace trim and your flats as pretty as you like. But, if you can’t move as freely, comfortably and unselfconsciously as a man, you can never be his true equal.

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