Stress causes dementia. How relaxing.

Stress causes dementia. How relaxing.

Don’t you love headlines like this one from the Independent?

Stress in middle-aged women could increase risk of dementia

Women who experience stressful events such as divorce are at a higher risk of developing the condition

The rest of the article goes on to tell us that ‘common stressful life events may have “severe and long standing physiological and psychological consequences” in the brain, and that the more stressful the event was, the higher the risk became. The risk also increased with the number of stressful events.

Later on, lead author Dr Lena Johansson says that more studies would need to be conducted to confirm the results and to investigate the types of stress management therapies that could be used on individuals in a distressing situation.

Excellent. But, in the meantime, where does that leave someone like me, who can tick off every stressor they list and add a few more for good measure?

Stressed, of course.

I do wish they’d wait till they have a solution before they terrify you with the problem.

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