Corporate speaking

“Domini was one of our keynote speakers at the recent Risk discussion forum. Domini was an excellent and engaging speaker and managed to draw out many new perspectives and engaged in a most interactive way with our live audience. We would be delighted to have Domini at any of our future events and thank her for her excellent support.” – Andrew Crawford – chairman of the Australian Computer Society NSW and a director of Primary & Community Care Services.

 “Congratulations and a BIG thank you for delivering such an engaging presentation about such adversity. We loved your sense of humour and the way you captured and held the attention of the whole group.” – Ruth Gollan – President, Coffs Coast BWN

My own life experiences have taught me a lot about physical and emotional resilience. When I was younger, I struggled with eating disorders, alcoholism and severe depression.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 I was bringing up four children on my own. With the help of a wonderful counsellor I developed strategies to help me cope. Then my oldest son’s suicide in 2003 put everything I had learned about feeling better and taking control of my life to the ultimate test.

In my talks I draw on my own story, and those of people I have interviewed for books and articles, to illustrate practical yet gentle ways of coping with life’s inevitable challenges.

I’ll be happy to tailor a talk to your audience. To discuss your needs, please call me on 0414 782 198 or email [email protected]