Oh no! I have cell phone elbow!

Oh no! I have cell phone elbow!

The physio told me the pain in my inside left elbow was called ‘golfers elbow’ but didn’t have any sensible explanation as to why I should suffer as I’ve never touched a golf club in my life.

However, I do spend a lot of my time doing phone interviews and I’ve recently noticed that, after half an hour or so, it hurts to straighten my arm.

Working on the assumption that you’re never alone with an ailment, I typed ‘elbow hurts when I’m on the phone’ into Google and, lo and behold, there are pages and relating to the syndrome labelled ‘cell phone elbow’.

Apparently, cell phone elbow, or ubital tunnel syndrome, can be caused by anything that involves holding your arm at an angle of less than ninety degrees for any length of time. The treatment can involve oral or injected anti-inflammatory medication or even surgery, though the first step is, of course, to stop holding your arm in that position.

A hands-free phone or headset are good options but do not on any account start wedging your phone between your shoulder and your ear or you’ll soon find you’re suffering from – you guessed it – cell phone neck.