Lost and gone for ever – my Gmail inbox

Lost and gone for ever – my Gmail inbox

One of the things I like best about gmail is how easy it is to use labels to keep messages organised. They’re easy to create and remove; in fact, a little too easy. This morning, a single hasty click seems to have removed the contents of my inbox for ever.

Luckily, because I do keep this particular inbox well organised, just five or six have disappeared. If it had been my other gmail address I would have lost hundreds. But it’s still a bit of a catastrophe as they’re all about business and I have no idea who they were from or how important they were.

So, if you’re a gmail inbox organiser, beware.


  1. Have you clicked on the fatal ‘Delete Forever’? The funny thing is, I a lot of people complain about online companies never really deleting content… But when they do, there’s the other issue of retrieving it in case you need it! Damn if you do, damn if you don’t type of situation. I lost an important email like this once… Since then, I archive! Did you have this particular email account linked to your Outlook? Because if so, you might still have those saved on your computer.

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