Living My Life For A Dog

Living My Life For A Dog

Jimmy is the sweetest, best-behaved, most entertaining dog I’ve ever owned. Now I’m living on my own he’s great company. Without him, I’m not sure I’d be quite so committed to my daily half-hour walk. And, while he’s hardly big or ferocious enough to protect me from a determined attacker, he’s certainly alert and noisy enough to warn me if anyone were trying to break in.

Unfortunately, he’s also ruining my life.

For almost 30 years, everything I did was shaped by the needs of my children. Now they’re all off doing their own things I finally have the freedom to live where I want and do what I want. Or, at least, I would have if it weren’t for my dog.

I’d love to move back from the outer reaches of suburbia to an apartment in the city but, with a dog, that’s not feasible, particularly as I rent. I’d love to spend half the year with my children or friends around the world and, as technology has made it possible for me to work anywhere on the planet, the only thing stopping me is my dog.

He’s 10 years old now, vibrating with hybrid vigour and on track to live for another 10 years. I could no more get rid of him than fly. But it does seem bizarre that having a dog could mean I’m in my seventies before I can start living the life I want.



  1. I agree. Its the same with my dog. But the emotional rewards of a pet like a dog is huge! I heard something on the radio where kids with reading problems were given dogs to read to. Apparently it improved their reading as a dog tends to have a calming influence on people and they felt confident to read to the dogs as they were given positive feedback throughout the reading!

  2. This is so true!… I know how amazing dogs can be as we’ve always had a dog in our lives up until I left the family nest. I’ve had to walk our dogs 2 times a day but I wasn’t working nearly as hard as my parents nor did I have to worry about buying the food and paying for the vet bills… Now that I am an adult, I would love a dog in my life but not only am I aware of the financial impact, I also know the commitment and responsibility issues that come with it. My sanity (or that ‘calming influence’) will have to come from a cat until I am able to devote more time to a dog… unfortunately!

  3. I saw a wonderful TV show about dogs helping kids with autism. I’m a huge fan, just not such a calming influence when you see the cost of putting them in kennels.Not to mention that look of desperation as you leave!

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