It’s cute to be greedy – as long as you’re thin

It’s cute to be greedy – as long as you’re thin

I woke on the sofa in the middle of the night to find a rerun of The Nanny on TV. Fran was crying and, to comfort her, the butler was putting something like cupcakes into her mouth. Apparently, one of the things that makes her so irresistible is her inability to resist food.

It reminded me of Will and Grace, where Grace’s ability to eat everyone else under the table is a recurring plot point. Just like Liz Lemon in 30 Rock.

Yet, of course, all of these women are slim – Debra Messing’s Grace skeletally so.

So, the message is that women are cute, funny and attractive when they stuff themselves with food, but only if they’re skinny. If you’re overweight, the same behaviour is more likely to be seen as weakness, greed and lack of control.

The only way this can work, of course, is if you have bulimia, which is not so cute or attractive. And it’s certainly not funny. So just what are women supposed to do in the face of such an unachievable ideal?



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