In Praise Of The Ergonomic Keyboard

In Praise Of The Ergonomic Keyboard

Just about everything I do involves a keyboard – I spend between eight and 12 hours in front of my computer every day. Years ago I trained myself to use a mouse with both hands to balance out the strain on my wrists but, when I got to the point of strapping on wrist supports every morning, I decided I needed to do a bit more.

Apparently, having your hands with the backs up and flat, as you do with ordinary keyboards and mice? mouses? is very unnatural. More ergonomic designs are based around having them positioned so the palms are facing each other so I invested in a mouse for each hand (they’re not interchangeable) – and a specially-shaped keyboard. They took a bit of getting used to but my wrists stopped hurting and I forgot I ever had a problem.

Then, last week, I spilled a whole glass of red wine all over the keyboard. I immediately ordered a replacement and have been using an old, ordinary keyboard while I wait for it to arrive. Already, my wrists are hurting again!

It amazes me how forgiving and resilient a body can be if you work with its natural range of movement rather than against it.

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