Exercise makes you eat more – unless you think it’s fun

Exercise makes you eat more – unless you think it’s fun

Does exercise make you eat more? It seems the answer is ‘yes’, but not for the reasons you might expect. According to the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, it has nothing to do with your body wanting to make up for burned calories and everything to do with rewarding yourself for making the effort.

In two studies, they led two groups of adults on a two-mile walk around a lake. They told one group they were exercising, the other that they were out to enjoy the view.

In both cases, the ones who thought they’d been exercising reported feeling less happy and more fatigued. But the really interesting thing is the difference in what they ate. When the first group were given lunch, the ‘exercisers’ consumed 35 per cent more chocolate dessert than the ‘sightseers’. In the second study, the ‘exercisers’ ate more than twice as many M&Ms as a mid-afternoon snack.

So all we exercise-haters have to do now is find a way of tricking ourselves into believing that we’re doing it for fun. Let me know if you work out how.

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