Daydream believers

Daydream believers

It’s become something of a cliché that people often have their best ideas in the shower. But, these days, the shower is one of the few places where your mind is free to wander – presuming you resist the lure of the waterproof radio, of course.

Technology has made it so easy to be entertained or engaged every minute of the day that it’s practically the norm. But, as this this Guardian article points out, resting the mind can be a very productive thing to do.

The journalist also makes an interesting point about how much our understanding of what the brain is actually doing when it’s ‘at rest’ has changed in just a few years.

Perhaps we should start actively setting time aside for daydreaming – occasionally putting the headphones away so we can just walk, stare into space or gaze out of the window. Who knows what great ideas we might come up with if we just had time to think of them?

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