Bruised but not broken – thanks to vitamin D?

Bruised but not broken – thanks to vitamin D?

Yesterday I noted on Facebook that this article suggests that vitamin D can help you stay upright. I can only presume that poor Professor Mason was a bit flustered when she suggested that  there was ”overwhelming” evidence that adequate vitamin D with calcium was important in reducing falls as well as fractures.

Well I have strong personal evidence that they don’t keep you on your feet. I’ve been taking both since I broke my wrist about nine years ago but, within minutes of posting my somewhat narky observation, I was flat on my face in the middle of the bush. And this is the second time I’ve fallen in a week. The first was in front of about 10,000 people at Central Station when I was rushing to catch a train and didn’t notice my shoe lace was undone.

So I am now covered in lumps and bruises but, as I didn’t break anything, I also seem to have strong personal evidence that the second part of her statement might be true.

When I finished the ‘big guns’ treatment for breast cancer I took Tamoxifen for four years and then Arimidex for another four, sticking to the promise I made my children when I was diagnosed that I would do everything I could to get rid of it and prevent it from coming back. However, Arimidex is known to weaken bones and, when I broke my wrist, scans showed that I was osteopenic – the stage before osteoporosis. A few people recommended I take bisphosphonates, drugs which prevent the loss of bone mass. I decided against them. I felt that, in my case, the possible side effects weren’t outweighed by the potential benefits.

Instead, I decided to see what vitamin D, calcium thing and exercise would do, and they seem to have done a very good job.

I just hope I’m not proved wrong when I fall again because, as we all know, these things always happen in threes.

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