You Can Get Through This!

Staying positive isn’t faking a smile and pretending you’re not hurting or scared. It’s being kind to yourself, accepting your feelings and creating the positive cycle that will shape a happier and healthier life. The same, simple strategies can help you to gain and maintain the healthy weight that’s so important after treatment.

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Lyn SwinburneYou must read ‘You Can Get Through This’. I keep several copies ready for those times when friends of friends who have just been diagnosed contact me for direction and advice.

Lyn Swinburne AM, CEO Breast Cancer Network Australia.


  • “I walked into the oncologist on Friday feeling very frightened about having to repeat my chemo/radiation treatment for recurring breast cancer and there was your book ‘You Can Get Through This’. What a great boost! I picked it up and felt your strong message within the first page. I read the rest as soon as I reached home and it has helped me to become strong and positive. I also loved the humour of your experiences that you put into the book, so you even had me laughing!!!” J.H.
  • “During my third cycle of A/C I was at a very low point. I was in my bedroom crying when I decided to read your book again. After finishing it, I found the strength to get dressed, get in the car and go to the shops. Even though I was very weak, I managed it – your book gave me the strength to keep going.” R.C.
  • “You and your book became my inspiration. I read the book over and over and over again – it helped to alleviate the overwhelming feeling of fear. Please don’t ever underestimate the value of your book. You were my best friend through the whole experience.” J.W.

More Testimonials…

Richard Kefford MB BS (Syd) PhD FRACP, Medical Oncologist

“I think that it should be mandatory reading for all of my patients – it does more than any medical or nursing staff could to allay the fears that all women have at their first consultation with me. It is extremely well written, simple, approachable and, best of all, funny!”

Dr Rosie King MB, BS FACSHP, Author Broadcaster & Public Speaker

“Domini’s story is so real, so wonderful and so inspiring that I want other women to hear it. It’s a great read for any woman, cancer or not.”

Associate Professor John Boyages, Executive Director, NSW Breast Cancer Institute

“Domini’s book is filled with useful and practical advice to help women with breast cancer take control of their lives.”

Jenny, QLD

“‘You Can Get Through This’ was the first thing I turned to when I got my diagnosis, and it gave me a lot of comfort.”

Julie & Sue, NSW

“I enjoyed ‘You Can Get Through This’ very much – I actually read it in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down!”

“It was just what I needed; an easy-to-read, down to earth account of what happens and how to cope with it all. It’s a serious subject but Domini has managed to write with humour, making it an enjoyable book as well as an informative read.”

Associate Professor Richard West, OA Head of the Department of Breast Surgery, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney

“’You Can Get Through This’ is a positive and practical guide, which will help women and their families better cope with breast cancer.”