Associate Professor Tim Crowe, a nutrition academic at Deakin University and an Accredited Practising Dietitian, wrote the foreword to You can beat the binge! Here’s an excerpt…

Domini Stuart presents here a very different approach to the problem [of losing weight]. There isn’t a recipe or step-by-step diet guide to be found. There’s not even a claim for weight loss. What Domini writes about is a simple yet frequently-overlooked approach to eating and weight loss: first become happy with yourself, both in mind and body, and then tackle your attitude to food.

Domini writes from a very personal perspective, sharing her life-long battle with an eating disorder as well as personal tragedies. However far removed these are from a reader’s own circumstances, the key messages – changing your attitude to food; maintaining a practical, positive attitude; and being realistic in your goals – are all valuable lessons that anyone will be able to take on board.

The pages that follow offer practical, realistic advice and tips on how to become happier with yourself and to put it into practice small lifestyle changes that will give you the best chance of not only losing weight but of keeping it off.

Simply realising that you have control over what you eat and that guilt and food don’t need to coexist will be a powerful message for many people, and one that will help them start the journey to a healthier life.

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