You Can Beat The Binge!

When you’re afraid of losing control, food is your enemy. You dread every meal and snack. And, when you binge, it sets up a horrible vicious cycle – feel bad, promise to be good, fail, feel even worse.

For over 12 years I was trapped in that cycle, bingeing every day.  I hated myself for having so little willpower. Then I discovered that willpower had nothing to do with it. That people who didn’t binge weren’t stronger or better than me, they just happened to be what I call happy eaters.

Happy eaters lose weight and stay slim without ever being ‘on a diet’. Their lives aren’t dominated by worrying about food. They enjoy the food they love. And they never deprive themselves of anything they really want.

I also discovered that you can learn to be a happy eater, and now I’m one myself. This book includes all of the strategies that made such a huge, positive difference to my life; I hope they will do the same for you.

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<i>Annette Cockfield, Chair of the Mental Health Group of the British Dietetic Association</i>

“At last a book that tackles the real issues associated with dieting. Domini opens the door to all the thoughts and emotions associated with becoming a happy eater and offers practical, easy-to-follow tips and advice.”

<i>Paula Hunt, Consultant Nutritionist/Dietitian</i>

“I love this book. I’m sure many readers who struggle with their relationship with food will find it immensely helpful.”

<i>Heidi, W.A.</i>

“I have to say thank you. After many years of bingeing your book has greatly helped me.”