Binge eating disorder – or just inevitable dieting misery?

Binge eating disorder – or just inevitable dieting misery?

This article makes some interesting points about eating disorders, and binge eating disorder in particular.

Surely everyone who has ever been on, and then ‘broken’, a diet would recognise the symptoms – eating quickly, feeling out of control and being unable to stop, then feeling deeply ashamed afterwards. Isn’t that the body’s natural response to what it sees as starvation? And surely that’s a big part of the reason why the vast majority of people regain all of the weight they’ve lost by dieting, and often a bit more.

Dieting sets up such a horrible vicious circle. Using willpower to restrict what you eat is like holding your breath; you can do it, but only for so long. Then you simply can’t stop yourself from taking in massive gulps of life-saving air – or mouthfuls of food. But, unlike the relief that comes with air, taking in large amounts of food leaves us feeling guilty, helpless and weak as well as heavier. So we’re driven to start the cycle again, determined to do better next time. Talk about setting yourself up for failure!

As someone who suffered from bulimia for 12 years I know it’s possible to escape that vicious cycle, to eat well and enjoy food while maintaining a healthy weight. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom, and I wrote You can beat the binge! to help others to discover that there’s a real, achievable alternative to all that self-hatred and misery.

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